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Welcome to the Online Advertising Co-op
for "Home Based Business" Opportunities

We are taking ALL the excuses out of failing here at

If you plug in and pay attention, your success will be assured.
Granted, we can NOT do all the work for you.
But we CAN provide the tools, training and resources that will ensure your success.

This is NOT a place for you to cry and wine that you don't know how to build your business...

This is NOT a place for you to make excuses that making money online does not work...

This IS a place for you to BE successful with building your online business.

This IS a place for you to find helpful people that are here to provide the assistance
and guidance you need to be a TRUE Success online.!!!!



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How The Online Advertising Co-op Works

This Online Advertising Co-op provides massive amounts of Keyword Targeted Traffic to your
"Home Based Business" Affiliate / Network Marketing Online Business Landing page.

What is an Online Business Landing page you ask?
It is a web page that is either one of the many customizable capture pages available in your Affiliate type Online Business Back Office or it is a web page of your own creation that informs new prospects of what your Business Opportunity is and how it can help them earn additional income during this time of economic need.

Which "Home Based Business" Affiliate Type Business will this service work for?
This Online Advertising Cooperative will work for ANY Affiliate, Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing or other business that has an affiliate link site that is in the "Home Based Business" niche.
Businesses like:
Ultimate Profits Network
Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO)
Organo Gold

just to name a few.
We can name 100's more that this service will benefit, but I think you get the idea..

How do we provide massive amounts of Keyword Targeted Traffic?
We do this by using a little know secret in the internet marketing world that is
so powerful that we can't reveal it here.
Sic... Just kidding. We use a contextual network that has tens of millions internet users that have agreed to have keyword targeted advertisments displayed on their desktop computers while they surf the internet.
NO... It is NOT Google Adwords.
But we do have over 50,000 (Yes, that is FIFTY THOUSAND) keywords that trigger ads that get displayed on the users computer.
This is just the beginning. We are continually adding more keywords to the list.
This list could easily grow to over 250,000

What Keywords are we using?
We are using targeted keywords like:
home based business; work at home; legitimate online job; business opportunity; residual income; etc...
There are literally THOUSANDS of keywords that are centered around Home Based Business
And the REALLY nice thing about this contextual network is that we can specifically target the competitors websites.
What this means is that if the internet user that has agreed to have ads displayed on their desktop is a member of any other affiliate business or program, when they go to that programs website,
your Affiliate Program landing page will be displayed on their screen on top of their browser.
Do you see the power in this co-op?
Your site will be displayed over the top of your competitors website.
When the members of those other programs disappear (like you know they will) the competitors will be wiped off the face of the Planet.!!!!
Don't forget that we are adding more keywords like:
make money online; work from home; internet marketing; network marketing; etc...
Also, we are taking suggestions on what other keywords to add, so if you have any keywords that have worked for you, login to this co-op back office and send them to us.

How are the leads from the co-op shared?
The leads are shared by evenly sharing the advertisment views from the contextual network to the
individual Online Co-op share owners.
This is done with a standard URL rotator that evenly rotates to each paid Online Co-op share owner affiliate program landing page link that is saved in our database.
Then if the new prospect opts in to your affiliate program landing page they are your lead,
then when that new lead clicks through and registers with your affiliate program,
that new lead is now your downline.

How much does a share of the Online Advertising Co-op cost?
A share of this online advertising co-op costs $25 a month.
Which includes a $5 administration fee per share per month.
This administration fee covers the credit card processing fees
and other expenses like webhosting and site maintenance.
You can cancel your subscription at anytime.
There are no refunds.

How many Leads will I receive from my share of the co-op?
There is no guarantee of a set number of leads that this co-op will generate.
This is because we cannot predict how many people will opt in to your affiliate program landing page or convert to registered active members of your downline.
We can tell you that in our testing of this new massive traffic source,
we received over 1,100 hits per day on the minimum hourly budget of $1 an hour. This generated about 10 registered active affiliate program members in a single day
for our chosen business opportunity.
Obviously, your results will vary.

How many shares can I purchase?
You may purchase as many shares as you like.
However, each share will be a separate transaction with our payment processor.

Why is each individual share charged separately with your payment processor?
It has been programed this way to make it easier for you to cancel your subscriptions for a single online advertising co-op share.
For example, if you purchased 3 shares and in the future you wanted to cancel 1 share.
When you cancel your single subscription payment,
you will be cancelling ALL 3 of your online co-op shares which automatically deletes your landing page links for all of your shares from our database.
Once ALL of your share are canceled, you will be missing out on the traffic that is generated while you are re-subscribing to the co-op.
So the individual share payments may take you a little longer to complete, but it will facilitate ease of canceling shares in the future and seamless transition from multiple shares to a single share
(if that is what you choose to do).

How do I get started?
First, you will need to be an active member of your chosen affiliate program
Second, you will have to be a paid subscriber to the Online Co-op.
Third, you will have to pick ONE of the MANY Landing Pages available in your Affiliate Program's Back Office. Once you have your landing page, you will need to save the link in our database.
Which you can do through this online co-op back office.



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